Hi, I'm Mr.E, and my pronouns for this blog are they/them/theirs. For various reasons, Mr.E is a pseudonym or alias so that I can write more freely than under my government-issued name.

I grew up on the cusp of the cultural analog-to-digital transition that shaped in the 1980s and 1990s, and computers changed my life. As a child, I was diagnosed with learning #disabilities and told that my prospects were “limited.” I remember my grandmother crying when I pretended to read a book to my cat, “Just keep trying, sweetheart.” Teachers told me my future was likely working in a factory hauling material, “Good thing you are strong!” There is nothing ignoble about factory work, and I eventually spent several summers working hard and earning decent pay in factories as I attended school, but like many kids, my future was being written by those around me before I had a chance to choose myself.

I was incredibly lucky to have supportive parents who got me access to tools and technology that changed my life. Thanks to the magic of word processors, eventually computer spell checks, other computer-assisted tools, and now Grammarly, I have been augmented to communicate in ways that would have been impossible to predict 30 years ago.

He's more machine now than man. ~ Obi-Wan Kenobi

(How I feel being augmented by technology)

As I got more access to technology and resources, I, very biasedly, fell in love with the new opportunities technology created that changed where my very analog life had been heading. Eventually, I took some fascinating turns and got hooked on open-source software, graphic designs, 3D printing, animations, and (now) writing. Professionally, I work on creating #cybersecurity products.

I'm working on finding my voice, and I want to explore many topics I have become passionate about. Learning is a privilege. Like most systems, I am always working to improve and refine myself. I welcome feedback and hope you find these ramblings interesting.


Thank you for reading. Make sure to follow me on the fediverse @mr_e@cyberexperience.io. If you have feedback contact me Mr.E.

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